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Tarsar and Marsar lakes are no doubt 2 wonders of nature located in the lap of the Pir Panchal mountain Range of Lesser Himalayas. The Lakes are surrounded by the number of Pinnacles lying around 4000 to 5000 meters above sea level. The Tarsar Marsar trek comes across the district Anantnag in the Union Territory of Kashmir. The total distance from Srinagar to Aru Village is 94 km. The altitude of trailhead Aru is 2433 m, the first campsite named Lidderwat is located at an altitude of 3000 m, and the Tarsar Lake is located at an altitude of 3795 meters above sea level. The first stretch of 10 kms from Aru to Lidderwat is the easiest part of the trek.


During this journey of 7 days, you will witness the miracles of nature in the form of green lush meadows, inverted waterfalls, snow-fed rivers, snow-capped mountains, tall pine trees, gypsy life, wildflowers, valleys, and the open view of the lesser Himalayas including high mountain peak of Kashmir (Mt. Kolahoi 5425 m).The Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek is the only trek mentioned on the Lonely Planet guide for Indian Himalayas. The charming trek in the lap of majestic mountains peaks of Kashmir.  This pleasant trek is an adventure of a lifetime and a must-do trek of the Indian Himalayas.


We welcome you to an awesome adventure with Himalayan Bird Adventures. The driver will be sent to pick you up from any of the locations in Srinagar. After meeting the trek coordinator, we will be heading to the Aru, which is 90 km away from Srinagar and takes 3 to 4 hours. The remaining time of the day will spent on acclimatization walk at the Aru Valley and end the day with the delicious meals. Aru Valley is going to be the campsite for the first day. Enjoying the time in the beautiful valley and getting ready by acclimatizing till the next morning.

On leaving the Aru Campsite 2400 m, we will be walking in the treeline with the normal walk towards Lidderwat through the banks of river Lidder. The trekking route is 12 km from Aru to Lidderwat, Most of the route is normal with very gradual gain in elevation . Lidderwat (2800 m) is the base camp for a number of multi-day and short treks like the Kolahoi Summit Trek and other alpine lakes trek. Camping at Lidderwat overnight and explore the surroundings

Right after breaakfast at 7 in the morning, we will start a gradual ascent of 7 km from Lidderwat to Shekwas. As you go higher through the ridges and meadows of Tarsar Lake, the wider view of surrounding mountains makes the trek joyful. During the trek, you will walk parallel but opposite to the water stream which is the outflow of Tarsar Lake. Later this stream joins the Lidder river which itself is a tributary and the Jehlum river. On every step there will be the elevation gain and at this point, a little push is needed. Finally with 20 minutes of boulder walk followed by a river crossing will take you to the Shekwas campsite. The spectacular view of surrounding mountains reminds the fact that Kashmir is fully photogenic. Enjoy the tea and coffee in the evening bonfire at Shekwas campsite.

Spending the night a Shekwas verily helps trekkers to acclimatize properly. By the morning it remains a little cold but as you start walking through the route the body temperature gets warm. The total distance from Shekwas to Tarsar Lake is 3.5 km through a slope of 40 degrees angle. The surrounding meadows are been used by Gujjars and Bakerwalls to graze their herd during the peak winter season on such high altitudes. After the trek of 2 hours, a flat landscape covered with spiky peaks named locally at marg. At once a sparkling view from one of its corners takes away all your tiredness because this is the adventure experience you were looking for. Reaching Tarsar Lake is the major part of the trek, the camping will be just 200 m away from the lake.

The next part of the trek is Sundersar Lake, it takes 1 to 2 hours to cross a nearby ridge that is parallel to Lake. After a steep ascent of an hour, it’s time to descent to a flat landscape, locally called at Zagi. Shepherds and Gypgy camps can be seen in the valley with herds of sheep and goats Going through one hour of ascent, we will be on the banks of Sundersar Lake. Wildflower beds can be seen during the end of July and starting August only. After having our lunch, we will head to the next milestone which is Marsar Lake. It takes just an hour to reach the ridge from where Marsar Lake can be seen. The Lake is 1 km in the length and 500 m in width. This almond-shaped lake remains under clouds which results in a cold temperate nearby the Lake.

Now onwards on every step, we will lose the altitude. Reaching Lidderwat campsite is a little bit challenging but not difficult. The total distance of 14 km will be covered in 8 to 9 hours. While the decent there will be more pressure on the knees and on the front portion of the feet, using the two hiking poles can help to avoid much pressure. Turing left near the ridge of Tarsar Lake will bypass the lake and we reach very close to the Shekwas. The temperature remains 20 to 30 degrees Celcius during peak summertime but due to the long walk, it feels too hot. Staying hydrated is important in order to remain fit on the trek. Ending the day on the awesome campsite of Lidderwat is a relaxing moment in the lap of mountains.

Ending an awesome adventure with its never lost beautiful memories. It will be a trek of 3 to 4 hours from Lidderwat to Aru. Walking down on the rolling slopes and parallel to the flow of River Lidder. Taking packed meals on banks on river shore gives a melodious experience. Upon reaching Aru, our cabs will be ready to drop you at Srinagar.



  • ourist Taxi - Srinagar to Aru and Return.
  • 3 time delicious meals, Tea/Coffee and Refreshments.
  • Mules and Horses to carry rucksack.
  • Pup Tents and Dome Tents.
  • Guest House Stay during start of the trek.
  • Dinning Tents.
  • First Aid.
  • High Altitude Cook
  • Hiking poles/rods.
  • Sleeping bags (-8) and Sleeping Pads.
  • Trekking and fishing permits.
  • Experienced Trek Leader and guides.
  • Dal Lake Sightseeing.




Tarsar Marsar Trek Heigh?

The maximum elevation you will reach during the trek is 4000 m (13,123 foot). The trek starts from the elevation of 2433 m, the elevation of Lidderwat is 3000 m, and the Tarsar Lake is located at an altitude of 3795 m ASL. The scenic beauty of Sundersar always amazes the trekkers and is located at an elevation of 4000 m and last alpine lake is Marsar Lake located at an elevation 3870 m above sea level.

Where Is Tarsar Marsar Located?

Tarsar Marsar lakes are located in the lap of the Pir Panchal mountain Range of Lesser Himalayas. The area comes under District Anantnag of Kashmir (UT). It takes 4 to 5 hours from Srinagar to reach the trailhead of the trek which is Aru Village. The Aru is 94 km away from Srinagar and 12 km from Pahalgam. The trek is surrounded by dominating mountain peaks including Mt. Kolahoi Getting an awesome adventure experience in the wilderness of this green Himalayan region is an adventure of a lifetime.

How Tough Is Tarsar Marsar Trek? Is Tarsar Marsar Difficult?

The Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek is graded as a moderate trek when compared to other treks of the Indian Himalayas. For the beginners, it could be a little difficult trek because of their inexperience. The route of the trek contains roughness of 30 percent only. During the trek, the altitude gain takes place very gradually even the first stretch is very moderate. The total distance of the trek is 48 Km in which more than 40 percent is walking on a flat meadow and rolling slopes. The trek is one the best trek for beginners because the route of the trek doesn’t require too much push and because of the gradual ascent of the trek.

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